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A compilation of over two years of focused production of Online Learning Courses for UC SCOUT from University of California.

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My Corporate Stories


Although I've been recently producing for Online Education, there's much more to see of my past work. Click below for a sample of work produced before my latest position. Then browse the other links below for even more content!

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Who is this guy?

My Story

  • I’ve worked with penguins and Presidents, educators and engineers, babies and actors, elephants, jellyfish, dogs, cats, surgeons, Generals, rock stars, CEO’s, CFO’s, and VIP’s. I’ve filmed at the top of Mauna Kea, underwater in Lahaina, and floating over the vineyards of Temecula in a hot air balloon.
  • I’ve done SD, HD, 3D, commercials and corporate, online education, training and documentaries, live TV and had a blast doing it all!

Deep Roots

  • I started my production career at a broadcast TV affiliate in Hawaii as a studio director and editor, but soon became immersed in documentary film production, regional and national commercial production, corporate production, feature films, and, most recently, training and online education.  I'm equally at home sitting in the director's chair, as a producer, behind the camera, or in an editing suite. My broad-based skill set enables me to manage and execute every step of the production process.      

More from UC SCOUT

US History Promo



Highlighting the dynamic production style of 211 lessons for US History and AP US History, this promo is part of a social media campaign for the SCOUT program. I believe it broke our record for number of images and archive footage used in a single course!

Economics Promo



How do you make Economics interesting to teenagers? This video highlights how a combination of pop graphics and whimsical animations can help make that happen. With 97 lessons for Economics and AP Macroeconomics, this promo is part of a social media campaign for the SCOUT program.

World Languages Promo



This compilation highlights the dynamic production style of hundreds of lessons for three AP courses: AP Spanish, French, and German Language and Culture. This promo is part of a social media campaign for the SCOUT program.

Psychology Promo



Highlighting the dynamic production style of 164 lessons for Psychology and AP Psychology, this promo is part of a social media campaign for the SCOUT program.

AP US History "The Economic Edge"



Thorough research scouring hours of archival footage and images resulted in this engaging lesson covering the stock market and what lead up to the crash of 1929. This is an opportunity to see what a full-length course lesson looks like.

SCOUT "Talent Showcase"



Here is a quick look at some of the talented presenters contributing to lessons produced for the SCOUT program.


AP US History "The English Entrance"



With a heavy reliance on the thoughtful and creative use of drawings, etchings, and paintings for storytelling, this full-length lesson produced for the SCOUT program shows how early Americans co-existed with the oppressive presence of English politicians and businessmen.

Academy of Art University Review



During my tenure at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I produced hundreds of art lessons ranging from printmaking to sculpture to fashion design. Here is a sample demonstrating the range of projects I produced and edited.

Endotronix "Wireless Health Monitor"



Here is a freelance project I produced, directed, and edited for the start-up Endotronix introducing their wireless, at-home heart monitor.

Andie MacDowell for Women's Health



I produced, directed, and edited this short piece for Intuitive Surgical for a women’s health initiative. Filmed in a studio in New York City, this project included set design and construction, and securing a remote crew for filming.

Intuitive Surgical "Peeling a Grape"



This video went viral shortly after its debut in 2008, racking up millions of views, and was rediscovered recently becoming the meme: They Did Surgery on a Grape (really, look it up!). 

Intuitive Surgical Interview "Dennis"



Dennis is a two-time patient for partial removal of both kidneys using the daVinci Surgical System. Had it not been for this kidney-sparing procedure, he likely would have been a candidate for dialysis the rest of his life. This interview also features his surgeon, Sam Bhayani, MD. There is no surgical footage in this interview.

and More!

Intuitive Surgical Interview "Fleur"



Fleur is a patient who suffered from infertility when it was discovered that a massive number of fibroid tumors were interfering with uterus function. After removal of the tumors via the daVinci Surgical System, she can now look forward to a better outcome for pregnancy. There is no surgical footage in this interview.

Intuitive Surgical "Employees"



The staff talks about their experience as a patient of a daVinci Surgery procedure or as a relative of a patient using the technology. A very different point of view presented when the system they helped develop is used on you or your loved ones.

Intuitive Surgical "daVinci Overview"



This is a video produced early in the development of the davinci Surgical System, designed to give hospital administrators and surgeons an overview of what the system is and how it works. There are brief scenes of laparoscopic surgery in this video.

My Early Work



If you’re interested in a compilation of some of my early work including commercials I filmed in Hawaii, this is the video to watch.

Intuitive Surgical "Evolution"



I produced and edited this presentation, featured at an Intuitive National Sales Meeting to commemorate a milestone in number of procedures per year performed on the system. Hundreds of archival clips were culled to produce this retrospective.

Consolidated Theaters "Hula Trailer"



Possibly the longest running theatrical trailer in history, this one-minute film, produced in 1993, continues to run today on multiple screens in Hawaii. The film features Hawaiian dancers performing by torchlight accompanied by a dynamic score produced by Jon deMello, a popular local composer.

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